Metering Cylinders / Truck mixer

Metering unit with visual control, Model S

The metering unit consists of one metering cylinder featuring visual control, Model "S". A scale, solenoid flush valve and complete accessories are included. The electronic control includes a large timer adjustable from outside, range 0 - 60 seconds.
Additionally: indicator lights, manual / automatic switch and main switch.
Metering cylinders are available in different sizes.

Dosieranlage mit Sichtkontrolle Typ S
Construction site Metering unit, Model FDA for Superplasticizer

System consisting of a sturdy frame, detachable feet, attached control cabinet, including safety switch and circuit breaker.
Manual switch for “Suction - Dispensing”, complete with 5 m cable and CEE phase inverter.
Available sizes: 12 / 30 / 40 / 60 liter

Baustellen Fließmittel-Dosieranlage Typ FDA
Truck mixer Metering unit, Model FB for Superplasticizer

Steel container, alternatively made from stainless steel featuring pneumatic emptying including scale and display mounted at the truck mixer.
The container has a R 2” filling opening, Attached to the truck mixer is a three-way valve for air supply, quick ventilation, adjustable air pressure regulator, air pressure according to the product being dispensed.
Pressure-side discharge valve and hose with tubular nozzle for dispensing into the mixing drum.
Available sizes: 35 / 50 / 60 liter

Fließmittel-Behälter am Fahrmischer Typ FB