Spraying System

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Protecting of pallets

Spraying System Model SPA

Protecting of pallets

  • For pallets of various sizes
  • Pallet size 1200 mm with 3 nozzles
  • Pallet sizes 1400 mm with 4 nozzles
  • Easy integration into pallet transport system
  • Short installation time
  • Increased lifetime of pallets
  • Reduced adhesion of products
  • Reduced swelling and deformation of pallets
  • Quick changing of nozzles without any tools
Spraying Systems for Surface Protection

Application of Materials for Surface Protection:
The Finke Company has introduced a newly designed spraying system for the application of coating materials, such as acrylic sealers. This low-pressure system is intended to apply the materials exeptional uniformly avoiding excessive spray mist. The two outer nozzles are edge nozzles, which are able to spray the material exactly to the outer edge of the concrete products or pallets. A specially designed mechanism prevents clogging of the spray nozzles.

An integrated sensor monitors the temperature of the material, as it must not be applied at temperatures below +10°C. The amount of the material to be applied is entered in grams per board. If the pallet feed rate changes, the spray system automatically adapts to these changes. Therefore the applied amount always remains constant. The pallet feed rate may be entered manually. Alternatively, the control panel of the spray system can be linked via „Profibus“ with the control panel of the production machine, which then specifies speed and applied quantity.

The spray system may be used on the wet side (prior to curing) as well as on the dry side (after curing).